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His team of es around in a circle, blocking entrance to the bridge with no intention of ping over or letting us p over. And then he has the gall to smirk at me. I should have smacked him down. Your tormenters have a sense of humor, Vincent said. I will give them that. Pardon? Vital's accelerated pulse and breath made the query sound more challenging than he meant. In addition to threatening and inflicting harm, these tormenters seek to humiliate us along the way. The pons asinorum, the bridge of es. The term was vaguely familiar to Vital but he couldn't place it, and Vincent didn't explain it before continuing. Two points here. First, http://topimobiliarebucuresti.ro/b if someone has aned our arrival, we are on the right track in coming here, even if we are being maneuvered into a trap. Second, we should expect to encounter a geometry problem soon. That rustic fool was one of them? Tegridia said. Doubtful, Vincent said. More likely a pawn, like the beggar in Paris, hired to perform his part without knowing anything of the whole. Should we not go after him, then? Vital asked. We might learn something from him. And he would get satisfaction out of questioning the insolent oaf. Vincent shook his head. I think we would learn more if we were to continue on the path set before us. The coach rattled across the bridge and into the city, climbing the slope toward the cathedral. The first gate into the cathedral close was too narrow to accommodate the carriage, so the driver turned left up the street that paralleled the cathedral on its south side. The driver tried to turn in at the next gate, but the rabble of fruit and vegetable sellers gathered all around the intersection paid no mind to his cries to make way, so they continued on toward the third gate. The intersection with the Rue des Changes was every bit as crowded as the Rue aux Herbes had been, but the moneychangers and their customers seemed less willing to have the carriage roll over bucuresti them. The driver edged the carriage through the narrow gate, sing the stone walls on both sides. As soon as the carriage cleared the short street and rolled into the open space of the close, Vital jumped out. Where are the bishop's offices? Round the other side, the driver said. Past the north portico. Take these two there and see that they are welcomed. He tossed the driver enough coins to make sure the command was heeded, then leaned in to speak with Tegridia. Help Father Vincent get settled. I will join you in a moment. After the carriage rolled on, he walked over to what must have been the entrance to the hôtel-dieu, judging from the anguished sounds of the sick and dying coming from within. Stepping away from the door to avoid the trample of people moving in and out, he turned around to grant himself his first full look at the cathedral. The diagonal perspective gave him simultaneous views of the west front and the south side. The west façade, with its magnificently sculptured three-door entrance imobiliare bucuresti and the rose window he had first learned about in the sketch portfolio of Villard de Honnecourt, the Picard friend of the baron's, and the south façade, showing the flying resses the builders had so famously innovated to keep the tall nave from collapsing outward. At the imobiliare bucuresti corner, the tower itself, a pillar imobiliare bucuresti of harmonious strength connecting earth to sky--he could only imagine how glorious the edifice would have been if the plan